What Is The Best Faction In New World?


The new world; a land untouched by civilization and its systems. A land in which power is dictated not by the one who wields an instrument, but instead by their ranks within society. This new frontier is uncivilized and undefined, allowing for individualism to run wild. In this new frontier of combat, new strategies will be formed to combat new threats.

The new world is unforgiving and only the strongest will survive in the end. Keep reading to discover everything about this game!


The new world is broken up into many different factions, each with its own unique background. Players are allowed to choose which faction they want to align themselves with, but can not switch until level 15. Once the new player has reached level 15, they are allowed to join new friends or create new groups by visiting the new world's in-game 'World Channel'. Once inside the new world's world channel, new players are able to choose new friends or join new groups by using 'World search'. Players can also create new groups which are limited to players within their own faction.

New World offers three separate factions in which you can play as Syndicate, Covenant, and Marauders. Each faction has a unique backstory, new quests, and new locations to explore.

Syndicate is the new world's most powerful group of individuals who have been gaining power by establishing drug trafficking routes from coastal cities into new territories. Their wealth has brought them great influence in new trade routes within the new world. Syndicate members are bound together by their new positions of power and new business alliances. Syndicate members are regarded as the new world's most dangerous new band of killers; this is because Syndicate members come with experience in new ruthlessness, new strength, new wisdom, new information, new wealth, new connections and the list continues…

Covenant is the new world's new biggest organization of mercenaries and new mercenary guilds. They have been gathering new recruits from all over the new world to enforce their new dominance and new strength by executing new raids against Syndicate strongholds and destroying new Syndicate new drug trade routes. Covenant members are bound together by new brotherhood and new friendship. New Covenant members come with a new experience in new combat, new protection skills, and new endurance.

Marauders are the new world's strongest group of individuals who have been gathering new recruits from the slums within the new world to enforce their new dominance over new territories and new lands. New Marauder members come with a new experience in new cunning, new combat skills, new strength, new dominance, and a new lack of empathy towards others.

Is there a best New World Faction?

No, new players should choose the new faction that best new suits their new personalities. It is a new player's preference if they wish to be a member of Syndicate, Covenant, or Marauders. However, new players should not base their choice on new rumors and old stories because each faction has new strengths and new weaknesses depending on new locations and new encounters.